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While this is our entry-level lift, we can assure you that it's been built with the same quality and care that our other lifts are made with. We chose this to be a more economical lift for those looking for something inexpensive, but reliable. The Proline Series 1 is what we call a manual lift. It powers up and down with a hydraulic pump, but the rest is done by hand.

The main tubes utilize a Camlock locking system that's virtually indestructible. The Series 1 lift does power up and down with a high-quality Monarch 12v electric over hydraulic pump. We use all American-made hardware on our lifts and pride ourselves on American-made quality, every step of the way. We have been selling this lift and using it ourselves since 2002. It has the same 4500lbs lift and 9000lbs towing compacity as its big brothers but just takes a little more manual effort. Often times we find that these are most commonly sold to used car dealers because it's easier and safer than a car dolly. Don't be fooled though, you CAN repo with these as well.

Since its inception, there have been multiple upgrades to this lift. We recently started adding bronze bushings to the main pivot points.

Proline Series 1

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