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Wrecker Central was started in 2008 as a simple way for the owner to sell his basic wheel lift that he came up with. As he was doing repos himself, he found that the market was flooded with mediocre products that struggled to get the job done. Since its inception, Wrecker Central has spent years researching, fine tuning, and producing 3 more wheel lifts, in addition to the first one, to make sure that the needs of the "working man" can be met, regardless of his or her needs.

We pride ourselves in making every single one of our lifts right here in the USA. From start to finish, you can ensure that everything is built inside of our manufacturing facility in Lisbon, Ohio. This allows to make sure that every one of our qualifications for quality is met and that there are no bad or defective products leaving our shop. Our staff goes through a rigorous hiring and training process so they know exactly what it is we are looking for when it comes to the craftsmanship of our products. They are taught what it is you expect from us so that they understand what it is that we expect from them. 

We are the only hidden wheel lift manufacturer in the country that can advertise "no slop" on any of our lifts and actually mean it. We have travelled all around to see the different lifts that other manufacturers are making, and we understand that they leave a lot to be desired. Having any sort of play or wiggle room between the steel in the arms of the lift means that it won't last as long as they claim. Since we recognize this issue, we go above and beyond to ensure that this isn't what happens with our lifts.

At the end of the day, we are a group of hardworking individuals that enjoy having a good time and making the best wheel lifts on the market. Everyone that works here has access to all of our email and social media in order to give our viewers and customers a better experience. Having an issue with our website? Our IT guy will respond to your emails or Facebook messages. Need a new hydraulic hose? Our fabricators or distribution specialists will be there with the right equipment to get you back on the road. You just wanna hear a joke? Well then any of us can tell you why you never see elephants hiding in trees. It's Because they're hiding. 

We are a small town crew with big city work ethic. We know what it's like to come from nothing and build ourselves up. Picking ourselves up by our bootstraps and doing the work that needs to be done is what we pride ourselves in. We are glad you've chosen to become a part of our Wrecker Central family. 

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