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This lift was built to combat the problems that we consistently ran into when we worked in the repossession industry. We know what you need and we made sure we brought that to the design table when we designed this lift.


  • 75" of reach, so you can tow the "big stuff"
  • 3,900 lbs. of lift
  • 7,500 lbs. of tow
  • No underhood modifications
  • No frame reinforcement required
  • 6-way pump w/remote (Up, Down, Open, Close, In, and Out)
  • The bed stays open, so you can use it as it was originally a truck!
  • Oilight bronze bushings at all pivot points to maintain the integrity of the pivots.
  • Fully adjustable pivot heads that tighten to ensure maximum strength.


This unit is self-contained and comes with all mounting plates to mount to your truck. We also have the ability to mount and install it for you here in our installation facility.

The Outlaw

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