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Designed with you in mind.

The Big Chief is by far the best way to transform your truck into a tow truck! With our staff previously working in the towing industry, we know EXACTLY what you would want to have in your wheel lift. We have you in mind with our designs, manufacturing, and installations. If you've ever found yourself in a situation where you need to snag a vehicle in less than 10 seconds, then you're looking at the wheel lift for you.

Nobody makes anything stronger.
The Big Chief has a lifting capability of 5,000 lbs. and a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs. With a reach of 75 inches, you can be sure that navigating your vehicle around bends will not damage your truck other towed vehicle. This will also help you when it comes to snagging those vehicles that are in somewhat of a tight spot! Our competitors love to brag about their "12-inch" pivot head...but we all know that size matters. You can take a tape measure to ours and see the 16" inches of 1/2 steel making sure that you get the strongest lift you can get.

Never leave the driver's seat.

With the hydraulic system that is installed with the Big Chief, you can easily tow a vehicle from start to finish without ever having to leave the driver's seat. All six functions (In, Out, Up, Down, Open, and Close) operate from the remote that is installed in the cab of your truck. Our lifts are designed so that you never have to put yourself at risky in a dangerous situation or in adverse weather. You can pick up the vehicle and leave to a safe location before firmly strapping down the wheels.

Quality you can trust.

Like everything else we make, you can trust that our products are built right here in the USA. We ensure that all of our employees know exactly what you demand, which is what we demand. Using only the highest quality materials and the best welders and fabricators we can find, you can lift any vehicle knowing that it was made with pride by the best. We make sure that all 4 of the pivot points on the Big Chief come with bronze Oiliight bushings. We only use American made Monarch Hydraulic pumps with our hydraulic lines to ensure that you will get the same life out of your accessories as you do the lift itself. Using a Reelcraft hose reel, you can be sure that your hydraulic lines wont get caught or tangled in your frame and that they won't be dragging on the ground after you retract your lift.

A product we stand behind.

While our other competitors offer a 1-year warranty, we offer you 2. We know that you're counting on us for your livelihood, so we want to be there when you may need us most. If there is an issue with any of our products, we pride ourselves in our customer service. Through our website or Facebook account, we are available to respond to messages during most hours of the day, even before or after we are close.

Big Chief

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