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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We hear a lot of our customers ask us before purchasing "Why would I want a hidden wheel lift?" We've decided to try and set out to answer some questions for those of you who may be on the fence.

1. Convenience

With a Wrecker Central hidden wheel lift, you have the convenience of using a regular pickup truck as a towing/repo vehicle. We have designed our lifts to keep as much of the lift hidden under the truck as possible. Every step of the installation is purposefully done in order to make sure that you can maintain the element of surprise when needed. 2. Low Maintenance

Since we only use the FINEST American-made parts and materials, you can trust that, when coupled with regular greasing, our wheel lifts will outlast the truck it is mounted on. We have stories from customers telling us that they are now 3 trucks into their Wrecker Centrals lift cycle. We recommend that the only real maintenance you have to do is to put grease on all pivot points using the zerk fittings that we have put into place.

3. Cost-efficient We do everything we can to keep our costs as low as possible. We know that our competitors are doing what they can to cut corners and use lesser/cheaper materials while increasing their prices. We choose not to do that because we come from the towing industry. We know the costs of things like insurance, fuel, equipment, employees, and maintenance on bigger wreckers. We understand the investment it takes to get into the industry and maintain your and your family's lifestyle. This is why we pride ourselves on being cost-efficient while still putting out a quality product. Quality without compromise.

4. Smaller profile

With the lift being installed on a pick-up truck, you can maneuver your truck into places that a normal wrecker might not fit in or it would be dangerous to take it to. This is especially handy when you're on a really busy road or doing a recovery deep in the woods. This can also be advantageous when doing a repossession and you need to maintain the ability to stay incognito for as long as possible. A lot of our customers find themselves doing repossessions in "not-so-savory" neighborhoods.

5. Easy Operation

Our wheel lifts are designed so that anyone that reads the words "Up, Down, In, Out, Open, and Close" can operate our wheel lifts. Seeing as you've made it this far into this article, we are betting that you would be able to operate any of our lifts. We've got options from our all manual lifts to fully automated lifts (To compare our lifts, click here). We understand that it takes time to train new employees and that the towing and repossession industry is a complicated one to navigate, especially if you are just starting out. We hope that this has been a helpful guide to getting you started with a Wrecker Central Hidden Wheel Lift!

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