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  • The Hulkster 2.0 the true Slide in and go Wheel Lift! This Slide In lift was developed to get a Tow Truck on the ROAD fast. Easy installation just about anyone can do or we can do it for you. This Lift was developed and tested by our crew years ago and has been a favorite amongst repomen and towing companies for years. We keep these lfts as all our lifts as simple to maintain and operate as possible. KISS is our main goal so these units will last and last for years to come. They come standard with a 6 month warranty. They feature bronze oilite bushings at nearly every moving part and are greasable. Litterally a 5 minute job to grease and maintain these lifts which adds up to money in your pocket with less down time.  They come with 4 mounting brackets plus hardware to install. Super simple intruction manual anyone can follow. Note: We only use American Made products to build these lifts. That means the steel and hardware is all sourced from our shores keeping our fellow Americans working . The lifting capacity is 4500lbs and tow capacity is 7500LBS. We will not overinflate these numbers as some of our competitors do as we err on the side of safety and want you and your family safe and home every night. These lifts come standard with dot safety chain boxes and chains. 6 way electric over hydraulic pumps are standard equipment and if you've been around this industry you already know these pumps are second to none . We would love to earn your business so please give us a call 330-383-2112.  All units come with up to a 9500lb winch mount setup ! Another added benefit is the first ever modular system which means all mounting points for the winch to the winch failrlead to the fifth wheel attatchment all interchange. Pull 2 pins and move to the next point of attatchment. The best built American made Slide Ins on the market hands down!!!!!!! We have winches available and in stock .

Hulkster 2.0

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